Building Emotional Resiliency Through Outdoor Exercise

Sunday March 26th 2017 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Red Papaya Bar and Grill - 55 Wyndham St N, Guelph, ON

Hosted by The Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation and Kelly Legge from Speed River Bicycle

Be inspired! Learn how exercising outdoors helps make you more resilient to daily emotional pressures. Share your own experience in how biking, running, hiking, walking, skiing, etc in the fresh air has elevated your mood.

Kelly Legge, from Speed River Bicycle along with Yvette Tendick from Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation will give brief examples of how outdoor exercise (biking, walking, running, etc) has improved their mood and their lives in general. Both women wish to encourage others to take advantage of infrastructure in the community to get out there, be active, and feel better about themselves. Community members who have already seen the benefits of healthy outdoor exercise in improving their quality of life are welcome to share their experiences.

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