“Find Joy in the Revolution” with Paul Wartman

Saturday March 30th 2019 at 3:00 - 4:00pm
Dublin Street United Church - Library, 68 Suffolk St W, Guelph, ON

Many of us weren’t taught how to find what brings us love and joy amongst the overwhelming supply of dread. Many just don’t have the practice to make a space, set aside some time, reflect on what brings us that mmmm-yes-respect-appreciation-value-love-joy, and then plan our next steps from those feelings. This workshop brings the tools to the table to make creative planning easier. Yes!
A ‘five and half step’ booklet that helps to focus on ‘what’s good’ and gently put the real-world issues into perspective so that you can, as Angela Davis says, “find joy in the revolution”.
This workshop is facilitated by Paul from Many Rivers Permaculture (www.wearemanyrivers.ca).
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