Rooftop Farming in Downtown Guelph

Friday March 24th 2017 at 5:30pm - 8:00pm
42 Carden St (Acker's building) 1st floor

Interested in rooftop farming? Join 10 Carden to envision pilot projects for our future rooftop market garden/small-scale farm. The workshop will include a soup social hosted by The Seed (PWYC).

10 Carden is a shared space community hub in Downtown Guelph. To expand 10 Carden’s core space-making vision of ‘creating space for change’ and to further collaborations amongst diverse groups, 10 Carden will be piloting urban gardening infrastructure on the rooftop of our newly purchased property in Downtown Guelph.

This project reconsiders vacant rooftops as spaces for urban food production, with core benefits of improving the downtown environment through increased green space, local food production, reduction in building cooling costs, increased pollination space and growing activity areas.

A series of 6 community presentations will feature and showcase current rooftop “agritecture” projects throughout Ontario and North America. These presentations will also feature workshops and hands-on planning sessions. We also hope to engage other downtown landowners in a conversation to increase rooftop urban agriculture.

In 2017, we will roll out 3 small scale built-form gardening projects applying the research and community ideas as demonstration projects. Through one full growing season, the pilot gardens will be built, planted, and harvested bringing the project a high level of community visibility and engagement. There are several ways to get involved. If you’d like more information, simply email

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