Festival Week Has Arrived!

Thursday January 1st 1970 at

resilienceWell, we are here and I am so excited to see how this year’s Resilience Festival unfolds. It feels like the wonderful calm before the storm when all the hard work is done (or almost done!) and it’s time to enjoy the events this weekend. Last night I spent some time making the Guidebooks (check downtown locations this afternoon or pick one up at any of our events), organizing stickers and buttons (donation swag!), and was reminded how much I love spreading the message of the Transition movement through the festival.

For me, the festival was a gateway into learning how to disconnect myself from a carbon-based, consumer economy that I both disliked and didn’t believe in. I learned how it is possible to take action on my own and not wait for “the powers that be”. I also learned about what it’s like to belong to a community where even an introvert like me can be recharged by the company of others.

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy time at Resilience Festival or Transition Guelph events, I urge you to come give it a try. Whether you’re interested in socio-economic stability, your carbon footprint, new friends, new skills, getting your garden ready for spring, dancing, stretching, or even just sitting back and watching, there is something for everyone at this year’s festival.

See you there!

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