On March 11, the Transition Guelph Board regretfully announced to key stakeholders the decision to cancel the 10th annual Resilience Festival.  “Resilience & community are two core values of Transition Guelph.” said Steve Tedesco, Board Chair.   “ Both speak strongly to looking out for each other in our community and being respectful of substantial risks.  With the rapidly escalating covid-19 pandemic, we are no longer confident that we can offer a safe and healthy environment for Festival goers.”

Cancelling the Festival due to an unexpected risk event is ironic and unfortunate.   The Festival theme of local food represents a critical part of reducing our community’s vulnerability to the health, economic, and supply chain disruptions to come.   Transition Guelph will look for other ways to get these important messages out.

A huge “thank you” goes out to all the organizers, Festival participants and sponsors for their work, enthusiasm and commitment to the Festival.  We look forward to putting on a great Festival when the time is right.