A Celebration of Community Resilience in Guelph

The Resilience Festival is an amazing festival hosted by Transition Guelph. The festival focuses on sharing all things Transition Guelph with the community at large! The festival first launched in 2009 and focused on the Earth Hour Potluck, a huge gathering of friends and family to share a candle-lit meal together. Since then, the festival has grown in shape and size, now stretching for the entire week before Earth Hour, and we still host our Earth Hour Potluck! Every year we partner with a number of other local organizations and people who share the festival’s focus of living more lightly and richly on our planet.

In 2020, the Resilience Festival will run from Saturday March 21st to Saturday March 28th and feature a number of events from previous years, and a few new events we think you’ll love. More details about events will be announced soon.

Questions or comments? You can always reach us at info@transitionguelph.org.

We’ll see you at the Festival!